KAPLAN calendar live brief

The KAPLAN calendar was my first ever live brief. The brief was to create an image to place on a desk size calendar; the theme was ‘Collaboration and partnership’. The work was to be eye catching, colourful and interesting. It should not be sarcastic, pessimistic or ironic. Block colour is a must and the images not literal to calendar months. The calendar was to sit on business people’s desk so I decided to do something out the box and not to cute and pretty. Here are my initial images –

Though I was quiet happy with my initial images, I feel I could trailer it better to the brief. Using brains gave off the wrong vibe so I decided to replace it with something less shocking. I though using the well-known understand of clogs working in your brain would look better and less intense than an actual brain –

Here are some screen prints from this project. I quiet like the intense colour –

In the end I decided not to use clogs but bubbles as it is less literal. I thought bubbles would explain the idea without being too much. My images were not picked for the calendar but after looking at the images chosen I could see my work was not the type of work they were looking for. I saw I was the only student to do a digital image and many seemed to use animals. Though my images were not picked, on a whole I am quite happy with final designs –

‘One day strapline project’ with Anna Bhusan

brief- Taking a strap-line and illustrating it giving it a different meaning.  Strapline “born together belong together” (Initially i took the simple idea of born together belong together literally seen in the image of the birds below) i then decided to give it a completely different meaning.  I felt these illustrations would suit a Child line or NSPCC advert. Dysfunctional relationships.Is it always best for children to be in the care of parent?  I then took the idea of families not fitting together.


My final image does not seem as effective on screen because you loose the pencil line on the woman’s body. The idea is that the mother has no care for her forthcoming child. Both face upwards and there an obvious distance between them, i did this by having the top half of her in a simple light pencil line –

final copy

Editorial project

Brief – Choice of two magazine articles, ‘Is it ever OK to take photographs of strangers on a train?’ or ‘Rich people just care less’. I decided on Neil Frizzells strangers on a train. We were taught a number of techniques for illustrating a passage of work, we were told to look out for stand out lines. The line I used was “but I, for one, just don’t think we should shoot strangers in public spaces”. Here are the rough initial sketches from my sketch book –

I decided on this image in my sketch book to continue working on –

thumbnail 1
Once I decided to use the image above I made a range of work based on that initial image –

From these I could see what worked and what didn’t. I decided against using an actual bullet and against having a specific target. The image below is the image I choose for my final image –

Workshop with Anna Bhushan. Illustrating five words in ten different ways each, in one hour.

I believe the aim of this project was to loosen up and learn to illustrate quickly and without to much over thinking. I decided to use collage because i find this easier than just drawing. sketch book rough work –

‘Bliss’ by Katherine Mansfeild

Boundaries – Using materials such a paint or pastels (i decided to use paint), based on the colours from an artists piece of work, i used one of Hockney’s landscape images (i liked the darker colour against the bright yellows) as  thought it would work well with the title ‘Bliss’. We could either follow the story exactly or make up our own narrative. I decided to create my own narrative. The story is about a girl in pure bliss but is only that way because of medicine or drugs. Inside the sun/bliss where her heart is i decided to show the medicine/drugs. This was my initial final image but decided against it because it was too obvious –

hockney landscape

Inital images for the close up illustration. Decided it was too obvious.

change bliss

After lots of research and work i thought the six illustrations would work well in the shape of a pear. These are my final six images –

Miniature Theater project –

“Mapping of stories” (first year work)

For this project the aim was to go into our surroundings and find objects to create a narrative from. I used old postcodes written in a different language from Jacobs Market. A number of the post cards were from the same two people, due to this i decided to make a love story about war using rabbit heads to create a new sense of feeling and emotion.