Heart of Darkness (more images needed)

Heart of darkness is my second live brief the project started out with sketch book quick ideas. I tried a few techniques, specifically mono printing as well as using a small amount of stamping like that from my charity project. (More images need to be uploaded) –

The projects prior to this I have been using more and more block colour so I decided to do this in this project but on a larger scale. I haven’t done too much experimenting with print screens. My initial screen prints I feel are quite simple.

arrows like rain –

Eyes fill the trees –

initial front cover –

individuals (man with gun shot in head, head on sticks) –

Here are some off cuts from my initial screen printing –

I seem to continuously use plain white paper so decided to add more layers to my screen print. I enjoy collage so I felt adding layers were kind of adding images to a collage. I decided to use a limited colour pallet, red and blue along with the mix of those; purple. I wanted these colours to be quite intense and difficult to make out to parallel the madness of the Congo. The aim of this project was to create three designs and one front cover rough. Here are my final images.

Eyes in the trees –

hod eyes v2 hod eyes v1

Arrows like rain –

hod arrows v2 hod arrows v1

Front cover roughs –

leanne common place019 leanne common place020

Head on stick through binoculars –

once i uploaded the eyes in trees image i found the purple looked a lot darker so attempted this neon, sickly coloured photoshoped version which was an interesting new take –