KAPLAN calendar live brief

The KAPLAN calendar was my first ever live brief. The brief was to create an image to place on a desk size calendar; the theme was ‘Collaboration and partnership’. The work was to be eye catching, colourful and interesting. It should not be sarcastic, pessimistic or ironic. Block colour is a must and the images not literal to calendar months. The calendar was to sit on business people’s desk so I decided to do something out the box and not to cute and pretty. Here are my initial images –

Though I was quiet happy with my initial images, I feel I could trailer it better to the brief. Using brains gave off the wrong vibe so I decided to replace it with something less shocking. I though using the well-known understand of clogs working in your brain would look better and less intense than an actual brain –

Here are some screen prints from this project. I quiet like the intense colour –

In the end I decided not to use clogs but bubbles as it is less literal. I thought bubbles would explain the idea without being too much. My images were not picked for the calendar but after looking at the images chosen I could see my work was not the type of work they were looking for. I saw I was the only student to do a digital image and many seemed to use animals. Though my images were not picked, on a whole I am quite happy with final designs –