Describing creative practise – session 1

I am going to use this blog as a continuous reflective diary. For each small post from every session I will try to answer four questions I came up with myself – What did we do? Why did we do it? Was it enjoyable or not? Was it beneficial? Looking at, as Cathy Treadway said ‘How my learning is being challenged and influenced as you go along’.


Session one was tailored for us to use our sense to describe. We were given a range of objects that we had to smell and touch, writing down our instant thoughts. Two of the descriptions I wrote were ‘my perfume I made as a child’ and ‘the boys after rugby’. We were told to close our eyes and link the smells or feeling with our memories. I did this subconsciously and I found it really interesting to learn about the relationship between our imagination and our memories. I am not sure if it is relevant in terms of my individual practice but this is the first session and I believe I have a lot more to learn.